Since discovering your pregnancy, you've been literally eating for two. After all, your baby depends on you for everything. But as both of you go through big changes through these 9 months, have you really been providing full support?


Brain-building nutrients like DHA may seem like a small piece in your baby's over-all development. But you'll be surprised at the role it plays...

1. Because your baby's brain development starts almost immediately after conception.

Why you need dha

In fact, it begins within weeks of conception. And as months pass, he will learn to recognize the sound of your voice, how to feel, move his limbs, and more. His brain size will even grow by 260% in your third trimester.1

But with big changes comes big demands...


2. Because it’s an important brain-building nutrient during your pregnancy.

Every nutrient your baby needs comes from either your body stores or from the food you eat. And the right choices of specific nutrients during your pregnancy can make a difference.

That's why it's so important to support your baby's brain development from the very start. Brain-building nutrients like DHA are crucial, especially in your last trimester. At this stage, DHA rapidly accumulates in your baby's brain and eyes at 67 mg DHA per day.2

So you need proper nutrition to give all that...

3. Because your body’s DHA stores may not be enough to share with your baby.

Your body can only produce small amounts of DHA on its own. In some conditions, your body's supply of DHA may go below pre-pregnancy levels – which could take months to even partially correct.

You can, however, give the DHA your baby needs through the food you eat. Fatty coldwater fish, shellfish, DHA-enriched milk, and more can help supply you with the right DHA levels.3

In the end, watching what you eat pays off...

4. Because it helps support your maternal health and your baby’s cognitive development.

Studies have shown that eating DHA-rich food result in pregnant and lactating moms having better DHA status, which in turn could lead to better mental development for their babies after birth. Nutrition experts like the FAO and WHO recommend for pregnant and lactating women to take 200 mg of DHA every day.4


Remember, you are the most important person in your baby's life right now. Only you can provide him with the nutrients he needs. Only you can give him the best possible start in life.



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