There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to pregnancy announcements. It all depends on what feels right for you and your partner.

 It’s confirmed: you’ve got a bun in the oven—congratulations! And now it’s time to share the good news. But what’s the right way to do that, exactly? Should you wait or say it right away? What about social media?

We asked 5 different moms how they announced their pregnancies—read on to find out about their unique experiences.

1. Get creative

Febby knew that she wanted to announce her pregnancy in a unique way when she found out she was pregnant, and so she took to the internet for inspiration.

I didn’t want to just post a photo of my pregnancy test or sonogram, so I looked in Pinterest to find unique ways to announce my pregnancy. Then the Goldilocks story inspired me, but instead of different-sized chairs or bowls of porridge, I chose different beverages. And so, I announced the pregnancy using a photo of three pairs of shoes: a man’s shoes, a woman’s shoes, and a pair of baby’s shoes.

—Febby Anisa, 26 (Indonesia)

2. Find the perfect time

Sometimes the stars align. They certainly did for this excited mom!

I found out about my pregnancy a day before my birthday. After telling my mom in person about the pregnancy, I took to Facebook on my birthday to post a photo of the ultrasound. My wall was already being flooded by birthday greetings, and in mere minutes, I found myself overwhelmed with the outpouring of congratulatory messages! Best birthday present ever!

—Michelle Domingo, 32 (Philippines)

3. You can be cryptic

New mom Rory and her husband wanted to keep their sacred moments “private and intimate”, but were also so excited that they could barely contain themselves. How do you toe the line between wanting to keep things special and celebrating your joy in public? Rory pulled it off by having fun with being a little mysterious.

After I told my parents and close friends and relatives, I didn’t make an official announcement on social media. I just changed my cover photo to one from a recent trip to Europe. I was standing in a castle’s bedchamber next to a crib, wearing full medieval costume and a little baby bump. Most people got the hint.

—Rory Gutierrez, 32 (Philippines)

4. Take your time if you need to

Some people broadcast the news of their pregnancy as soon as they can, while others wait until a couple of months, usually after the first trimester. This mom decided to keep things private until she was comfortable sharing the news.

Because we’ve been trying for a while, we decided to keep it really private for a long time. We didn’t want to jinx it. Now I’m in my third trimester and I still haven’t posted anything on Facebook. But we have told our family and a few friends about it, just not the thousands of acquaintances on social media.

—Felicia Chin de Smet, 34 (Singapore)

5. Don’t overthink it!

No matter how you decide to announce your pregnancy, remember that no matter what, your joy will be infectious. Whether you decide to take an out-of-the-box approach or do it traditionally, those who really matter are sure to rejoice with you.

I have irregular hormones, so it was difficult for my husband and I to conceive. We didn’t try IVF, and I always have late periods. I just did the pregnancy test out of routine thinking that there was no way that I was pregnant. When I saw the result, I could hardly believe my eyes! I called my husband and told him, “You are a father!” Even he couldn’t believe it at first. Then, I posted the tester on Facebook to announce it to our friends.

—Natt Ford, 39 (Thailand)


*Answers have been edited for brevity and clarity.