To all our expectant mothers: We know your top priority is your little one’s health. You are probably  concerned about the possibility of contracting coronavirus and the impact it could have on your pregnancy.

Given that there is so much information from unverified sources being shared online, we came up with a brief primer on the virus with regard to pregnancy.


 Are pregnant women at risk from COVID 19?

Medical experts are still researching the impact of COVID-19 on pregnant women. The data is limited, but there is currently no evidence that pregnant women are at a higher risk.1

While the “coronavirus family” is known to science, little is known about COVID-19, since it is a recent mutation. For this reason, it is not yet clear whether pregnant women are more at risk of COVID-19 infection than other people2,3.

What is proven is that pregnant women are more likely to contract influenza (caused by another class of virus) and to contract infections caused by viruses of the same family as COVID-19.

Thus, it is reasonable to be cautious to act under the assumption that there is a possibility of infection and to take all possible preventive measures during your pregnancy to minimize the risk.

There are some simple measures that you can follow. Maintain good hygiene, wash your hands frequently, use sanitizing gel and clean the surfaces of your house. Do not leave home if it is not essential and definitely avoid crowded places. If you can avoid having visitors, do that too. Also, eat properly and rest well, to take care of your immune system.


If infected, would COVID-19 affect your little one?

Several recent studies indicate that the virus does not pass into the placenta or amniotic fluid4.

However, what is not known at the moment is the impact the infection could have on the pregnancy if it is contracted at the beginning of the pregnancy. The virus is still very new and such a study has not yet been done. For this reason, the best action at the moment is prevention.

In case of any doubt you should consult your doctor or health professional who will advise you on the best way, both for your health and the rest of your family.


Take care!


If you are interested in knowing more about the myths and realities of COVID-19, follow this link:



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