Does Breast Size Matter

Some new moms worry that breast size may affect milk production. In fact, a lot of mothers with small breasts think that they will produce less milk than ones with larger breasts. But the truth is that milk supply isn’t dependent on your breast size.

Will I Produce Enough Milk for My Baby?

Larger breasts simply mean they have more fat and that is definitely not a factor in milk production. It is actually the mammary glands and milk ducts which are responsible for that. That’s why breast size does not necessarily translate to a higher capability to produce milk. So you can rest assured that your breasts, no matter what size they are, can produce sufficient milk for your baby.

How Often will I need to Nurse

A mother with a larger milk storage capacity, though, may be able to go longer between feedings without impacting her milk supply. A mother with a smaller storage capacity, on the other hand, will need to nurse her baby more often both to satisfy her baby’s appetite and to maintain her milk supply, since her breasts will become full more quickly and will slow down its milk production.