Your child's brain begins to develop on his 7th week inside your womb. A few weeks after, his senses begin to develop as well. Particularly strong are his sense of smell, hearing and taste. It is sight that is considered one of the weakest. The most your fetus can detect inside the womb is light.

Even upon birth, it is sight that requires the most time to develop. It takes time for a child to focus, see colors and notice far-away objects. But this does not mean that you shouldn't stock up on visual learning tools this early on. In fact, this is a golden opportunity to carefully pick and choose toys and materials that will help your child's sense of sight.

Art toys, art materials and art activities are good investments for your child. Not only do they help improve visual acuity, art can also help them be more visually critical, creative, expressive and adept at spatial reasoning. Some experts even claim that art can be beneficial to a child's future academic standing.

The big bonus? Children have a natural inclination to anything that includes paints, crayons and colorful paper so getting him to enjoy himself while learning should be a breeze. You'll never know - your child could grow up to be his generation's next Picasso.


Tips on preparing early:

Research on pre-schools and daycares that put a premium on art education.

Read the label carefully to make sure you are buying toxic-free and child-safe crayons and paints.

Enjoy it too! If your child sees you like art, the bigger the chance he'll love it as well.


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