Pregnancy forms

If you are a pregnant woman in the Philippines, you should know that there is such a thing as Maternity Benefit. This is the cash allowance granted to the women who were unable to work because of childbirth. Here are the SSS and PhilHealth documents every mommy-to-be should know to get the full return on their contributions.


  • Maternity Benefit Application Form

To file your SSS Maternity Benefit Claim, download the Maternity Benefit Application Form here

  • Maternity Notification Form

It is important that you inform your employer of your pregnancy and the probable date of delivery. Download the SSS Maternity Notification Form here.

  • Maternity Benefit Reimbursement Form

After giving birth, this is the time you can avail your benefits.  Access the Maternity Benefit Reimbursement Form here.



  • Claim Form 1

​The Philhealth Claim Form 1 must be filed 60 days from date of discharge. You may download form from here.

  • Claim Form 2

Don’t forget to file the PhilHealth Claim Form 2, 60 calendar days from date of discharge.  Get the form here.

  • Claim Form 3

Download the PhilHealth Claim Form 3 here.