The big day is almost here and we know you’ve prepared as much as you can. But we’re also sure that you’re still fretting about what you might have missed or forgotten and how that might impact your baby when he finally comes.

Pregnancy checklist

For Mom:

  1. Comfortable nightgowns

  2. Going-home clothes

  3. Mobile phone and charger

  4. Lip balm

  5. Nursing bras (no underwire)

  6. Nursing pads

  7. Nursing pillow

  8. Maternity panties

  9. Maternity pads

  10. Nipple cream

  11. Hair elastic

  12. Lozenges and a water bottle

  13. Snacks

  14. Non-skid socks and bedroom slippers

  15. Warm bathrobe or sweater

  16. Toiletries

  17. A good book

  18. Birth plan

  19. Eyeglasses (if you normally wear contact lenses, it may be easier to just use specs)

For Dad:

  1. A camera and charger

  2. Comfortable shoes

  3. A change of clothes

  4. Toiletries

  5. Money, credit card, ID cards, insurance card/info/documents

  6. Change for the vending machine

  7. Swimming shorts/trunks (just in case he wants to help when you take a shower)

  8. Mobile phone and charger

  9. Entertainment and snacks (for you and your

  10. Pillow and blanket or jacket

  11. Push present (Your reward for a birth well done!)

  12. List of names to announce the birth to

  13. Cord blood banking kit (if you opted for this)

  14. Pen

Note to dads: If you plan on driving to the hospital, make sure that you top up your gas days before mom’s due date.

For Baby:

  1. Car seat

  2. Going home outfit

  3. Receiving blanket

  4. Lots of swaddles and onesies

  5. Diapers (if not provided by hospital)

  6. Mittens and socks

  7. Towels and muslins

  8. Baby wipes or cotton balls

  9. Changing mat


  1. Extra pillow

  2. Towel

  3. Cosmetics

  4.  Massage oil and massage tools like tennis balls

  5.  Lucky/inspirational objects

  6.  Music player

Don’t Bring:

  1. Jewellery and other valuables

  2. Lots of cash

  3. Clothes that you don’t want to get ruined