Week 6 pregnancy

What's happening in week 6 of your pregnancy?

         • Your baby's heart starts to beat. Catching this first flicker of life on an ultrasound will be an unforgettable moment.


         • Your baby is nearly half a centimeter long and is curled up quite adorably in the shape of the letter C.


         • Your little one's body parts are developing. His bones are starting to grow, along with little arms and legs. His eyes are currently two tiny black dots on his face.


Weeks 6: How is your baby's brain developing?

         • Your baby's brain is now forming distinct areas and developing nerves within.


         • Fuel his brain development with DHA, which can be found in fatty fish, such as salmon and sardines, and some prenatal supplements.


What pregnancy symptoms might you experience this week?

          Food craving is a common symptom of pregnancy and is likely caused by hormonal changes in your body. These tips will help you manage this symptom and boost pregnancy health, too:


          • Have a checklist of healthy alternatives. For example, replace crispy deep-fried potato chips with crunchy high-fiber cereal.


          • Read food labels carefully. Select foods that list essential nutrients, such as iron and calcium, on their labels. These key nutrients support the health of your pregnancy, and your baby's growth, too.


Mom's Tip of the Week

             Food cravings may also be accompanied by another early-stage symptom of pregnancy: morning sickness. Ginger can ease morning sickness and nausea, and provides a refreshing taste to your meals, too!




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