What's happening in week 7 of your pregnancy?


      • Your baby's umbilical cord has formed, passing essential nutrients from you to your baby, like folate, choline and DHA. Prior to this, your baby was nourished by the yolk sac attached to him.


      • Your baby is now growing at the rate of one millimeter every day, and is about the size of a blueberry at this point.


      • His physical features and organs continue to develop, including his lungs, kidneys, arms and bones. Tiny nostrils and the lenses of his eyes are also beginning to form.



How is your baby's brain developing?


      • In your baby's brain, the left and right hemispheres are forming. These parts of the brain are responsible for your baby's future skills including speech, movement, hearing and thinking.


      • Ready your little one for these achievements by nourishing him early with the brain-boosting nutrient, DHA, during and after your pregnancy.



What pregnancy symptoms might you experience this week?


        Surging hormonal levels in your body may produce changes in your breasts. They may feel more tender and sensitive. A few lifestyle adjustments can soothe the discomfort and allow you to better enjoy your pregnancy:


        • Get extra support. Maternity bras are tailored to give additional support, while pegnancy sleep bras are designed to allow you to sleep more comfortably.


        • Adjust your shower routine. Use less soap on your breasts, especially on the nipples and areolas.



Mom's Tip of the Week


         Another common symptom of pregnancy is weight gain. You can moderate your pregnancy weight gain by eating healthy foods. These foods should be rich in essential nutrients, such as folate and choline, to boost your health and your baby's development.




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