What's happening in week 9 of your pregnancy?


    • Your baby is practicing his motor skills. He can bend his elbow and is even preparing to kick with the formation of his muscles.


    • Your baby measures about three-quarters of an inch (two centimeters) long. This is about the same size as a small grape or olive.


    • His internal organs and physical features are shaping up, such as his digestive system and his nose.



Week 9: How is your baby's brain developing?


    • Your baby's brain is producing brain waves. Are you wondering what your little one is thinking? You won't know yet, but you can nurture his brain development by nourishing him with DHA during and after your pregnancy.



What pregnancy symptoms might you experience this week?


      Intricate red or blue veins called spider veins may appear on your legs due to the increased pressure on your leg's blood vessels during pregnancy, hormonal changes and genetics. These lifestyle changes may reduce the appearance of spider veins and even boost your pregnancy health:


      • Eat foods rich in vitamin C. Your body uses vitamin C to create collagen and elastin, which repair and maintain healthy blood vessels.


      • Exercise. Even a short walk can be relaxing and boosts blood circulation.


      • Change your sitting posture. Crossing your legs restricts the flow of blood, which increases the likelihood of spider veins appearing.



Mom's Tip of the Week


        Pregnancy hormones may bring about other symptoms, such as heartburn. It can be remedied by cutting out acidic or spicy foods, and carbonated beverages from your pregnancy diet.




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