Week 25 pregnancy

What's happening in week 25 of your pregnancy?

  • Your baby is preparing for his first breath after birth. He's now making breathing motions about 14% of the time — and up to 44 times a minute. His vocal cords are also functioning, and he's ready for his first big cry.

  • Your baby's circulatory system is developing. His capillaries continue to form and are filling up with blood. Iron is a key part of his red blood cells; so try to eat more iron-rich foods.

  • Your baby is the size of an ear of corn at nine inches (22 centimeters). He weighs over 1.5 pounds (680 grams).

How is your baby's brain developing?

  • His brain growth is helping him to become more aware of his surroundings. He might even respond with a kick when he hears you talking to him!

  • To fuel your baby's brain development, nourish your little one with food rich in DHA.

What pregnancy symptom might you experience this week?
Pregnancy swelling can put pressure on a nerve in your hand, leading to tingling and pain known as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Take these tips to alleviate CTS and to make your pregnancy more comfortable:

  • Monitor your weight gain. You are more susceptible to CTS if you put on too many pounds.

  • Avoid repetitive movements that put strain on your hands and wrists, such as typing. Use an ergonomic keyboard and limit time spent on your smartphone.

Mom's tip of the week
Put aside that phone when it's near bedtime! Being well rested is important for a healthy pregnancy. Your baby is starting to follow a sleep schedule, but it may not match yours. You may feel your baby being active when you are just getting into bed.



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