Pregnancy is an exciting time for everyone involved, especially the expectant mom. After all, she already feels a deep connection with her child, even before he or she is born. While pregnant, she builds the roots of the relationship, and is full of hopes and dreams for her unborn child. To understand what kind of wishes expectant moms have for their kids, we asked two soon-to-be-moms to share theirs with us.

First-time Filipina mom Mayang works in business development, and is brimming with excitement to welcome her baby. Ultimately, she wants her child to grow up healthy, loving, God-fearing, and wise.

I wish my child will be healthy and live his/her life to the fullest. I wish for him/her to grow up in a better world than it is today. I also wish that I could be by my child’s side as he/she takes steps to reach his/her passion and dreams.

I’m not a perfect person, but I wish that my child will forgive me for my flaws and remember that I will always love him/her no matter what. I want our bond to be strong, and not just one of a mother and child but also a relationship of being best friends.

I also wish that my child will grow full of love and respect for God and other people. I wish that my child will have a simple, happy life and appreciate life’s blessings, whether small or big.

Lastly, I wish for my child to have the strength, courage, and wisdom to face the challenges of life, learning from his/her experiences and turning them into opportunities for growth.”

Felicia, an expectant mom living in Singapore who works in digital publishing, echoes similar sentiments. Though she knows the value of academic competence, she puts just as much—if not more—emphasis on her unborn child’s future happiness.

As an Asian mom, I should be paying attention to academics and focusing on my unborn child's education and future. We have already set up a fund before she was even conceived, knowing that education will be very costly in the future.

But if I look deeper into it, my hopes and aspirations for my child are fairly simple: for her to find happiness because in this world, happiness is so fleeting and elusive. So many kids are stressed out and don't even have a proper childhood and mostly because of the pressure placed on them by parents. So I'll let my little one find her flow and hopefully her happiness resides there too.”

Even though Mayang and Felicia come from different backgrounds and have different priorities and values, they have plenty in common. They both want their children to be happy, and to navigate their experiences with discernment and wisdom so that they can have fulfilling lives.

Moms, no matter where she’s from, really want the best for their child.