First trimester


  • What kinds of food should I eat? Which should I avoid?

  • What medicines can I take?

    • If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, you should also ask about how your pregnancy will affect your health.

  • Should I be taking vitamins or other supplements? What kind?

  • How much weight should I be gaining throughout the pregnancy?


  • What screenings do I need? Does the hospital offer special packages that I can take advantage of?

  • What can help with morning sickness?

  • What symptoms should I expect?


  • What qualifies as an emergency?

  • Does my line of work pose any threats to my unborn child?

  • How much housework can I do?


  • Which exercises are safe for me to do?

  • Is it safe to get my hair dyed and to get massages?

  • How much can I travel?

  • How can I have sex safely?


  • When may I call/message you for questions?


Second trimester


  • Is my weight gain normal?

  • What food should I be eating to boost baby’s brain development in utero?


  • Are there new symptoms that will come up at this stage of the pregnancy?

  • What’s the sex of my baby?

  • Is my baby’s development on track?

  • How can I sleep better at night?

  • Is there anything I can do to prevent/ease back pain?

  • What should I expect at and from the Congenital Anomaly Scan?

  • What vital aspects should I cover in my birth plan?


  • What childbirth/newborn care classes do you recommend?

  • Do I need to do kegel exercises?

  • Is it safe for me to go on my babymoon? (Share your travel plans)


Third trimester


  • Is my weight gain normal? Will the rate of gaining increase this trimester?


  • Is there anything to note in tracking my baby’s movements?

  • Would you advise cord blood banking?


  • How much physical activity is healthy? How can I still keep fit at this stage?

  • Is it safe to have sex at this stage?


  • What signs of labour should I look out for?

  • When should I go to the hospital?

  • Whom can I have in the delivery room with me?

  • What are my options for pain relief?

  • What are your views on delayed cord clamping with immediate skin-to-skin contact after birth?

  • What situations would warrant an emergency C-section?

  • What happens during an emergency C-section?

  • When will you have to induce labor?

  • Can we go over my birth plan?

  • What should I expect just after I give birth?


  • May I ask for your emergency contact number/s?

  • When’s the best time for me to start my maternity leave?

  • What breastfeeding support does the hospital offer?