Enfamama A+

Enfamama A+

Everything You Need to Know About Enfamama A+

Special Ingredients


Enfamama A+ contains Brainergy Complex - a unique blend of DHA and other essential nutrients which have been scientifically demonstrated to support healthy pregnancy and lactation as well as fetal brain development.

Enfamama A+ has enhanced levelof DHA designed to provide 100 mg per day to help meet the expert recom- mendation for daily DHA intake.

folic acid

High source of Folic Acid to prevent fetal neural tube defect.


High source of Zinc for the development and functioning of the central nervous system.


With 560 mg / 100 g of Choline to support cognitive function.


Source of Iodine for normal function of thyroid hormones.


Enhanced level of Iron to support the formation of red blood cells in pregnant women.

Available Sizes

Nutrients and Ingredients


Enfagrow a+ chocolate

How to Prepare Enfamama A+ Chocolate

Dissolve 50g powder of Enfamama A+ Chocolate (approximately 4 heaping tablespoons) into 200ml of warm water. Ready to serve chilled or warm.

     Enfagrow a+ chocolate

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