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Prenatal Development FAQ

Pregnant women have questions about their prenatal development and their changing bodies, so the team at Enfamama A+ developed a straightforward list of frequently asked questions and provided links to clear answers.

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What can I expect during my first trimester?

Your first trimester is a big change in many women’s lives. You might experience some intense physical and emotional first months of pregnancy. Moms can go through a variety of changes during your pregnancy development in week 1-13. Check out our helpful tips on what you might expect in the coming weeks.

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What can I expect during my second trimester?

Moms begin to go through more physical changes during your pregnancy development in week 14-26. During the second trimester of pregnancy, you might experience a growing belly and breasts. As your uterus expands to make room for the baby, your belly grows. Find out what other symptoms you might experience

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What can I expect during my third trimester?

As a mom, you are in the final weeks of pregnancy development in weeks 27-40. You might experience a variety of pregnancy symptoms in the third trimester, such as leg cramps, heartburn, varicose veins, backache, fatigue, and itchy skin. As well the final pivotal stages of your baby’s development. Check out what you need to know about your third trimester of pregnancy.

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Preparing For Pregnancy FAQ

Do you have questions on what you can expect when preparing to become pregnant? Do you have questions on pregnancy tests, tips on preconception, type of delivery to plan or expect?

Check out our all-inclusive list at the links provided to learn more on what the experts are saying on Enfamama A+. Don’t forget to sign up for the Club Mama for more advice on nutrition, other pregnancy tips from our experts and find out what other moms are saying.

Does my preconception health affect my pregnancy?

So you’ve come to that part of your life's journey, where nothing seems quite as important as the pitter-patter of little feet. But before rushing into the topsy-turvy but oh-so rewarding world of soon-to-be-moms, you need to take a quick look at how good your preconception health is.

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What should I expect when getting pregnant?

Congratulations on getting pregnant! You are about to embark on this journey that will change your perspective on life. There are many things that come with a pregnancy. Let’s take a quick look at the many changes you may experience as you start your pregnancy journey

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How to Use an at home pregnancy test?

While there are different types of pregnancy tests the home pregnancy test (HPT) is the most common. While some tests are more sensitive than others there are important timelines on giving you accurate results. Learn more on what you need to know

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Are there different kinds of pregnancy tests?

A woman experiencing some, if not all of these symptoms, may assume that a pregnancy could be well underway. How would one typically confirm this? Most women may reach for the stick but what other types of pregnancy tests are available?

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How do I figure out my due date?

Figuring out when your baby’s due date can be tricky. Every pregnancy is unique, and your baby will come when they are ready. Our pregnancy calculator will help assist you in figuring out when your little one will be born.

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Pregnancy Nutrition, Symptoms and Advice FAQ

Do you have questions on your pregnancy? From recipes, important documents, due date calculator, and how much weight is safe to gain during your pregnancy.

Find answers in our comprehensive list at the links provided to learn more on what the experts are saying on Enfamama A+. Sign up for the Club Mama and get additional advice on nutrition and other pregnancy tips from our experts.

What documents do I need to give birth in the Philippines?

Pregnant woman in the Philippines, should know what maternity benefits are. This includes cash allowance granted to the women who were unable to work because of childbirth. Here are the SSS and PhilHealth documents every mommy-to-be should know to get the full return on their contributions.

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How much weight should I gain in my pregnancy?

Knowing how much weight you should gain throughout your pregnancy can be tough. There are many myths on eating for two and what you should and shouldn’t eat. Try our weight gain calculator to find out more.

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